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Aerospace Coating Services

FAA Certified Repairs Since 1996


Most jet engines require thermal spray coatings to enhance and provide durability and performance. From OEM (original manufacture materials) to MRO (maintenance repair over-haul) applications there are around 30-40 locations in each engine that can or must be enhanced by metal spray coating systems. Accuwright provides coatings to enhance and refurbish Aircraft components for Jet engines as well as Actuators, Pump Housings and Airframe parts.


A variety of parts and components require process coatings:


  • Inlet Housings – compressor clearance control (OEM and MRO)
  • Stator Housings – feature restoration (MRO)
  • Shafts and Bearing Bores – hard surface wear (OEM and MRO)
  • Combustion Chambers – heat emission (OEM and MRO)
  • Fuel shrouds and Metering Heads – heat and corrosion (OEM and MRO)
  • Blades and Vanes (Parts and Housings) – corrosion and heat control (OEM and MRO)
  • Gearbox Housings – feature restoration and corrosion (OEM and MRO)
  • Actuators and Pump Housings – feature restoration and enhancement (MRO)
  • Airframe and Comfort Control Parts – feature restoration (MRO)


Coatings such as Hard-face, Thermal Barrier, Abradable, and feature restoration are all applied using state of the art robotic equipment for repeatability and consistently accurate coatings.


Some of our processes for feature refurbishment are component build up we call cold weld. It is our cold spray process that combines spray and weld processes to create a consolidation process that builds up like weld, but with spray like processes applied cold.



We feature the following aerospace processes:



All are applied with robotic control for repeatability and consistent process parameters. For more information call us today at (877) 247-9108 or Contact Us.


Additional Supported Industries


Proven Performance

We can salvage and restore many industrial parts back to original dimensions.



Providing Powerful Solutions

Our coatings add longevity and process improvement to fabrication tools.



Exceeding Industry Standards

Accuwright offers Sputter and Thin Film applications to micro-chip manufacturers.