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Twin Wire Arc Spray

Twin Wire Arc Spray is the most robust spray processes we offer. With high bond strengths and wonderful microstructures this coating is tough, strong and easily machined. It is economical and the process of wire manufacturing allows for us to use a wide array of materials including core filled wires to make either ceramic/metallic coatings or metallic/matrix alloy coatings that have special order requirements.

Description of Twin Wire Arc Spray

Twin wire arc spray process utilizes metal in wire form. This process differs from other thermal spray processes in that there are no external heat sources as in any the combustion gas/flame spray processes. Heating and melting occur when two electrically opposed charged wires, comprising the spray material, are fed together in such a manner that a controlled arc occurs at their intersection. The molten metal is atomized and propelled onto the prepared work piece by jets of compressed air or gas. The coating can be tailored to meet many needs by preparing parameters to control the arc distance and amperage power to create fine or rough particles. All of which are tightly integrated and well bonded to make a coating system for any requirement that wire material can produce.

There are many wire materials to choose from to meet most requirements.

Short list of wire materials:

  • N/Al
  • Ni/Al/Mo
  • Ni/Cr/Al/Y
  • Low Carbon Steel
  • SS
  • Moly
  • Babbitt
  • Aluminum

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