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health industry

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Health Industry

Health/Medical Industry/Public safety/Anti-Microbial Coating/Anti-microorganisms coating/Anti-Bacterial coating


Utilizing our Cold Dynamic Gas Spray & Twin Wire Arc System we are able to apply pure copper materials that will provide anti-microbial/Anti-Viral/Anti-Bacterial properties that will benefit anywhere from hospitals & the medical field to the handrails in subways and retirement homes all the way to your child’s door knobs in their dorms at their local universities & schools in your neighborhood.


This is a simple solution in avoiding Covid-19 transmittal through daily transactions like handrails, shopping carts and doorknobs. Studies have proven that bacteria and viruses cannot survive on copper (brasses, Copper-Nickel-Zinc) whereas stainless steel has no protective qualities whatsoever. (Bacteria can survive on SS for weeks at a time)


We can provide quality coatings at affordable prices to help protect our citizens from any further sickness like the spreading of covid-19.


This Coating can benefit the following:


  • Health/Medical Industry
  • Grocery/Shopping facilities
  • School/Universities
  • Government Facilities
  • Local Family Owned Businesses
  • Home owners


All are applied with robotic control for repeatability and consistent process parameters. For more information call us today at (877) 247-9108 or Contact Us.


Additional Supported Industries


Proven Performance

We can salvage and restore many industrial parts back to original dimensions.



Providing Powerful Solutions

Our coatings add longevity and process improvement to fabrication tools.



FAA Certified Repairs

Utilizing robotic control for repeatability and consistent process parameters.