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Electronics / Semi-conductor Coating Services

From Sputter and Thin film applications to micro-chip manufacturing, thermal spray coatings improve and enhance operations and provide for substantial process material fabrication.

Micro-chip production requires tools and machines to collect over flash of sputter and thin film processes to maintain longevity of production and clean operations. Sputtering machines require specialized materials as targets to provide the correct metallic film for circuitry paths and coatings for just about every industry.

From furnace and hipping tools to etch and ion implantation, thermal spray coatings improve the process applications.

New developments in Cold Spray now allow us to apply proprietary materials of Solid State form on sputter targets. Allowing the most effective and accurate material compositions available today. With no porosity and oxide layering, this development is paramount to thin film applicators.

We feature the following electronics / semi-conductor processes:
> Plasma Spray
> Twin Wire Arc Spray
> Combustion Wire/Powder Spray
> HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) Spray
> Cold Spray

All are applied with robotic control for repeatability and consistent process parameters.

For more information, Contact Us Today! 1-877-247-9108  info@accuwright.com

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