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Automotive Coating Services

Many automotive parts are repaired and enhanced by thermal spray coatings for performance and restoration.
  • Auto bodies can be filled with metallic materials instead of epoxy based fillers.
  • Engine parts and shafts are easily repaired and restored or enhanced.
  • Hot parts are cooled by coating systems by increasing surface area on air cooled parts.
  • Turbo housings and assemblies are enhanced by providing close tolerance blade to compressor clearance and thermal barrier coatings.
  • Old car buffs can find metallic restoration to cosmetic parts no longer made to create a “just like new” appearance in aging and collector cars and buggies.

We feature the following automotive processes:
> Plasma Spray
> Twin Wire Arc Spray
> Combustion Wire/Powder Spray
> HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) Spray
> Cold Spray

All are applied with robotic control for repeatability and consistent process parameters.

For more information, Contact Us Today! 1-877-247-9108  info@accuwright.com

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