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Accuwright Industries Inc. A Tradition of Quality

Accuwright Industries, Inc. is a thermal spray coating company with over 30 years experience in a variety of processes. Our industrial coatings services include Metallizing, Twin Wire Arc Spray, Plasma Arc Spray, High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spray,Thermal Flame Spray and Cold Spray. We specialize in coating applications and repair schemes for the electronic, semiconductor, automotive, aerospace and industrial markets.

In 2016, Accuwright Industries partnered with Jetleg, LLC to further our growth and foster new innovations. 

The Right Tools For Your Job

Whether you need a practical surface treatment or “high-tech” application requirements, we have the industry-leading technology and expertise engineers and fabricators demand.

We Speak Your Language

Our people are trained and well equipped to meet your coating requirements. From engineering new and leading coatings to surface treatment solutions, we speak your language. Our leadership can assist your production, engineering and professional staff with information and feedback to meet your company objectives.

For more information, Contact Us Today! 1-877-247-9108  info@accuwright.com

Accuwright Industries - FAA Certifed Repair Station

Our Certifications include:

FAA 145 Repair Station

EASA 145 Repair Station

QAS: ISO9001:2008

Rolls-Royce Approved Supplier

Our Affiliations Include:


International Thermal Spray Association Member

ARSA Certified
ISO 9001 Certified
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